The Genesis

We chose the Lhasa Apso breed as our ambassador for two reasons. First, for the alphabetical similarities with Aptos. Then, because he's a smart, loyal and fearless type of dog. These are the qualities Apso Coin wants to represent.

Just like Austin Virts, Aptos director of ecosystem, we do believe in memes as a massive fire power. And that's why we want to make Apso Coin a Meme Factory.

Read our White Paper (soon)

The Project

Apso Coin has the ambition to become the number one meme token on the Aptos blockchain. It would be the fastest dog token in all of crypto.

Lhasa Apso Coin also wants to unite the Aptos blockchain, and make it grow as a whole team, with all the awesome other projets.

This way, with our community and others, we will reach the stars. This project truly believe in Aptos and we are proud to work among them and to develop our already incredible community.


Distribution :

50% : Burned Token
  A pourcentage will be burn fortnightly.
20% : Airdrop
  The airdrop will take place after the launch of the Aptos' mainnet.
15% : Marketing
  To help the project grow.
10% : Liquidity
5% : Team Token



Our Friends